It Takes 128 Streams On Apple Music To Earn Just $1.

Fact Central | 25/02/2023 | 4:20 PM |


Musicians and streaming platforms have frequently clashed, for instance when Taylor Swift removed her back catalogue from Spotify in 2019 due to the lack of control given to artists. Back then, she stated, “I just don’t agree with perpetuating the perception that music has no value and should be free.”

The estimations were also posted by American hip-hop singer T-pain on his Twitter account, giving the assertions some credence. It demonstrates how many plays a single song has to receive on music streaming services in order to earn one dollar.


How much do streaming services pay artists?

If the statistics are to be believed, YouTube Music demands the most streams (1,250) in order to pay an artist $1, while the venerable Napster requires the fewest plays (50). (53).

The two most popular music streaming services in the world are Spotify and Apple Music, and on each of them, a single song must receive 315 or 128 streams in order for an artist to earn $1. Amazon Music, everyone’s backup music service, gives each artist $1 for every 249 streams.

Even though, Apple Music gives its artists twice as much money as Spotify. It’s vital to know that Apple Music does not provide a free service and pays musicians through membership fees. On the other hand, Spotify generates more streams and has a free tier with commercials.


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