The average car in Britain is parked for 96% of the time.


Frankwell Car Park

Figures analysed by the RAC Foundation show around 80 per cent of Britain’s 26 million homes were built with a front plot. Of these around seven million gardens are now concreted over to park cars rather than grow flowers-that’s an area equivalent to 100 Hype Parks or 72 Olympic Parks.

Car parked for 96% of the time

The report is an in-depth look at parking patterns and provision across Britain. Other interesting facts revealed in the report include that the average car is parked at home for 80 per cent of the time, parked elsewhere for 16 per cent of the time and is only on the move for 4 per cent of the time. This reveals a huge waste of resources inherent in individual car ownership and is helping to inspire the use of car clubs or car sharing services.

The lost of front gardens is also a contributory factor in the decline of garden birds such as house sparrows and impacts on other wildlife such as hedgehogs.

The RAC Foundation wants to see more parking provisions to help with the rise in car ownership.

Professor Stephen Glaister, director of the RAC Foundation, said: “Car ownership is set to keep on rising, but where are these vehicles going to go? Unless we want to see more streets clogged up and front gardens disappear then councils need to address the matter. Ministers decision last year to remove the cap on parking spaces at new developments will help.”

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